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Gil Bohrer


Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering 
405 Hitchcock Hall 
2070 Neil ave., Columbus, OH, 43210 
(614) 292-4178, fax (614) 292-3780



Current Students

Chante' Vines (PhD CEGE)

I am a Civil Engineering Ph.D. student in the Civil, Environmental, and Geodectic Engineering
department. I study land cover contributions to methane emissions in a heterogeneous area. I
use flux footprint analysis and eddy covariance measurements to approximate methane
contribution from the Old Woman Creek wetland patch types. I am also working on
developing a footprint model using the Parallelized Large Eddy Simulation Model for
Atmospheric and Oceanic Flows (PALM). Website


Theresia Yazbeck (MS, PhD CEGE)


Yang Ju (PhD ESGP)


Previous Group Members 

Jorge Villa (Visiting Professor) Website

Camilo Rey-Sanchez (MS CEGE, PhD ESGP) Website

Miriam Handler (MS ESGP)

Golnaz Mirfenderesg (PhD, Post Doc)                                           

Ashley Matheny (PhD, Post Doc) Website

Timothy Morin (PhD) Website

Krystaal McClain (MS ESGP)

Somayeh Dodge (Post Doc) Website

Efthalia Chatziefstratiou (PhD ESGP) Website

Kyle Maurer (PhD CEGE)

William Kenny (PhD ESGP)

Steven R. Garrity (Post Doc) 

Vasilia Velissariou (Post Doc) 

Liel Naor-Azrieli (MS ESGP) 

Tony Bova (MS CEGE) 

Dekel Shlomo (MS ESGP) 

Tony Zhu (MS ESGP)