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Environmental grad student receives grants

Tim Morin, a graduate student who works with Professor Gil Bohrer, CEGE, will recieve some extra assistance in developing this graduate thesis, thanks to two recent awards. Morin is the recipent of both the Department of Energy Lawrence Berkely Grant and the National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant.

The Lawrence Berkely Grant, administered by the the DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR), provides supplemental awards to outstanding U.S. graduate students to pursue part of their thesis research at a DOE laboratory. The research opportunity is expected to advance the graduate students’ overall doctoral thesis while providing access to the expertise, resources, and capabilities available at the DOE laboratories.

The NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant provides partial support of doctoral dissertation research for improvement beyond the already existing project. Allowed are costs for doctoral candidates to participate in scientific meetings, to conduct research in specialized facilities or field settings, and to expand an existing body of dissertation research.

Mr. Morin, a native of Marietta, Georgia, studies how greenhouse gases are formed and absorbed in wetlands. Wetland plants uptake a great deal of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. However, because of standing water, the carbon in the soil is not exposed to oxygen and some of it breaks down into methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas) over time. His team has measured how both of these gases are exchanged in wetlands for five years now and are now integrating its unique data sets to improve global modeling efforts to better represent the climate interactions of wetlands.